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    The Independent Voice On Toys

    A Premiere Toy Testing and Research Company Since 1991


    About Marianne

    Marianne M. Szymanski created Toy Tips and has been an active media personality for close to three decades!
    Appearing on Oprah, CNN, FOX and hundreds of television stations, she was a cast member on Good Morning America for eight years. Currently she is a regular guest on FOX News in Chicago offering viewers Toy Tips research results on the latest toys.
    Co-Author of Toy Tips: A Parent’s Essential Guide to Smart Toy Choices (Wiley/Jossey Bass), Marianne also teaches three entrepreneurship courses at the University of Southern California and is a writer of entrepreneurial case studies for Harvard Business Publishing.


    About Toy Tips

    Toy Tips is the testing group for the "TTT" mark of excellence. A "TTT" rating means that a toy exceeds our standards to deliver a fun play experience that also stimulates developmental learning skills. Our information is independent and conducted in an ethical and academic research manner. We do NOT accept toy entry fees or publish awards that are used for marketing purposes. Toy manufacturer or toy trade employees make no decision in our toy testing process.


    About Our Research

    Celebrating 3 decades of research, our product reviews assist consumers in making appropriate purchases. Our advisory team is comprised of medical doctors, psychologists, teachers, occupational therapists and research analysts who facilitate our testing based on qualitative and quantitative research. We focus on the intellectual, social, physical, and individual character and personality development of the child.

    Our Toy Tips? Testers

    The involvement of thousands of children as official "Toy Tips? Testers" throughout the year provide real in-market data. Our research survey methods are independent of manufacturer conflict of interest and personal opinion.

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